Sunday, August 8, 2010

Full page scripts for blogger

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Create Full-Page Linkbucks Links

This is the one I use on my blog because using the Single or Multiple links is tedious when you've got more than 10 links you wanted to convert on just 1 page of your blog. Plus, creating a full-page Linkbucks script will make everything automatic for you so you won't have to edit all your links and convert them manually.
  1. On the Create Links page, click on the Full Page Script tab.
  2. You should have a page like this:

    Here are the options:
    • Link Group Name: In case you have multiple blogs like I do, then, you should name it based on which blog you'll place the generated script.
    • Link Exclusion: Now, this is the tricky part. For example, here on my blog, I didn't want any internal links to be converted to Linkbucks links so I added my blog's address in there.
    • Target Option: You can indicate if you want the link to open in a new window or open in the same window where the link was posted. I suggest you choose Open in a New window.
    • Frequency Cap: You can set this to a certain # as the limit for the # of links that will be converted to Linkbucks links on a certain page. I set it to 0 so all the outgoing links are converted.
  3. Click on Generate Javascript button and it will give you this:
          Always Prefer Top Banner Ads
          Other Ad types are really Annoying
  1. Copy all the text inside that box and go to your blog's HTML, XML or template codes. Take note that if your blog is hosted on, you can't really use this full-page script since you cannot edit CSS scripts. This is why I suggest you use Blogger instead of if you're after free blog hosting.
 Place this Javascript right before the tag "</body>" ; on my blog's template.
After that it looks like this....


 All outgoing links will be NOW automatically converted to Linkbucks links.

 Start earning today

What I love about converting my links to Linkbucks links is that I have full control over the links and the behavior of the ads like how they'll show up, etc. This way, they're not as distracting as other in-page or popup ads.

Now, all I need to do is sit back while I make money online through these Linkbucks links on my blog.